My name is Hannah.
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If Pokemon were real, that’s the one I would want. Then I’d catch em all.


This, my fellow tumblrs, is a tool to connect through creativity and storytelling. To grow with one another through the growth of a collaborative story. The site itself is only about a week old, so may seem empty, but that’s where you come in. Add a story. Your own story, or a spin-off of a character you love, something true, something made-up, fantastical or realistic. The power is in your hands. Grow your story tree and invite others to place branches on it. See where it will go. You never know though until you click the link and write.

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Dad Captures His Son’s First Year, One Second Per Day, and It’s Lovely

Sam Cornwell, a photographer from England, took a second of video a day and stitched into a video of his son Indigo’s first year on planet earth. It’s neato — and he’s got that song in the background that’s used in lots of movies lately to make you cry. When Indigo takes his first steps, I totally said “yes!” out loud. Well played, Cornwell.

It’s cool to watch Indigo’s transition from a high needs pet to a little boy. That’s not to knock on any part of a child’s development, but they get a lot more fun as time goes on, right? Well, at least cuter and more capable of staying alive. Good job, kiddo.

This is the cutest thing in the entire world. Worth watching the whole thing, for sure.

Totally made me tear up